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    In His Diadem is a blog designed specifically for young ladies journeying through life. A diadem is not just any type of crown, but it is one that most ornately adorns the head of a sovereign. Unlike a typical crown, a diadem is set with precious jewels of costly value. 
     Proverbs 31:10 says, "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." Rubies are one of the most valuable, most expensive of gems. The writer of this passage likens the value of such gems to the value of a virtuous woman. Not only are they hard to find,  but they are not easy to be, and those who set out to be one must pay a price that requires giving up much that this world has to offer. 
     As virtuous women, like precious gems set within the diadem of our Sovereign and Lord, Jesus Christ, we have the privilege and vital responsibility to be a part of the visible adornment that will proclaim to the world the majesty of our King through the testimony of our lives. Yet, while we are here on earth, the Lord has established pictures through our physical relationships and interactions that are just samples of the heavenly reality. 
     Those pictures are displayed through our relationships with our earthly fathers, our brothers, and, should the Lord will that we marry someday, with our husbands. Just as we adorn the diadem of our Heavenly King, we also hold a priceless responsibility to bring honor and respect to the men God has placed in our lives--whether that be our 5-year old little brother, or our 95-year old grandfather--through our conduct of virtue, grace, and purity. This is not an easy task, but being a woman whose price exceededs that of rubies is not a cheep achievement.
     We are two sisters, Anna and Elisabeth. This journey of virtuous womanhood is a road we are still treading ourselves, and we do not even pretend to claim to have it all figured out. However, as the Lord is teaching us what it is to be in His diadem, we desire to pass on the truths we learn from His Word so that you, too, might grow in the grace of our Savior. 
     It is a journey. But, by His grace, we can shine as lights in this dark world, richly sparkling forth the beauty of His holiness through our conduct of purity, faith, and charity. May you, dear sister, be challenged, inspired, and encouraged as you learn, with us, what it is to declare His glory in our everyday lives.

In His Diadem,
Anna & Elisabeth

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